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Group 375
Mitch Rankin, Co-founder

I read Keys recommendations…and then got the opportunity to work with him. And all the recommendations are true. "Smart, gets results, expert, leader, inspiring, attention to detail, knowledgeable, versatile, logical"…all true. He is sure and unwavering in his knowledge of marketing and blockchain and inspires confidence in the ever-changing, complex ICO landscape. And he is a great human being…kind, empathetic and making a difference in the world around him. Thanks Key, it is a pleasure to work with you!

Group 378
Francis W. CTO

An absolute pleasure to meet a thinker and action-orientated creative with a heart. One of my close friends had been recommending Key confidently; the reality matched my expectations. Key manages to deliver his experience and skill-set in a way that integrates a team rather than setting people on edge.

Group 381
Dakota Kaiser, Executive Fund Manager

Mr. KEY has been a pleasure to work with. He and his agency have followed through and 100% delivered press releases and ICO listings as specified in our contract.
I am looking forward to seeing how his teams' marketing campaigns unfold in the coming months.

Group 380
Mei Lin Fung, Chair & Cofounder

Mr Key (Karnika Yashwant) brings a disciplined focus to any business - large or small - who wants to make the most of the Internet. I like his good judgement and his courage in advocating for what he believes will work, gentle yet firmly, we are making progress with his guidance.

Group 382
Jeremy Rodgers, Managing Director

I've known Karnika for nearly 6 years now in various capacities. He's one of the most systematic thinkers I've ever met and that, out of a long list of options, is his most impressive feature. He has tremendous work ethic, integrity and much else... but his ability to "see" and build a process map out of any complex business development or marketing objective is really something special. His company, KEY Difference is a powerhouse because of it's CEO and leader, Karnika E. Yashwant. Did I mention his grotesque level of work ethic?

Group 384
Rob Toth, CEO

It is a pleasure reporting to Key, who is also a friend and mentor to me. I have worked with Key in various roles and on projects with different themes. What really stands out is Key's ability to juggle different projects at the same time, without being overbearing on others, while giving me the autonomy and space I need to get things done the way I like to. I am always interested to know what Key is up to and where he is going next! I have no doubt that clients of his are met with the same openness, transparency and trustworthiness as I have always been greeted with.

Group 386
Ryan C Brown, Sr. Manager at Ronald Blue Trust

Key is incredibly knowledgeable in marketing and in the Blockchain industry specifically. He has helped clients raise millions of dollars through detailed marketing plans that take into account every aspect of the current marketplace. He knows who is investing, where to find them, and how to get their attention. His various roles in the Blockchain community make him invaluable to any campaign. Above all of that, he is a pleasure to talk to and work with, is very trustworthy, and is a great person to have on any team. In short, Mr. Key is exactly what you hope to find when running a marketing campaign. He gets results.


Founded by Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant) in 2007, we have been marketing for Fortune 100s like CISCO, AJC, and the likes. In 2013, we entered the blockchain space while marketing for bitcoin-powered gaming companies. In 2017, we helped raise over $550m for various projects during the ICO spree and launched them. We incubated and marketed many top crypto news media, KOLs, exchanges, and crypto product brands. Check out our testimonials.

We are the largest and oldest marketing agency with 350+ members and 9+ years in the blockchain space and 15+ years in the marketing industry. We supported execution for many of the other top blockchain marketing agencies and PR agencies around the world.

In 2017, we established a large-cap fund Utopian Capital which diversified to startup investments in 2021. Looking at the lack of blockchain adoption, we founded Forward in 2018 which grew into one of the largest blockchain ecosystems.

Now, we incubate and advise companies that we believe will be unicorns or decacorns in 5 years.

We come from a background of incubators, marketers, early-stage investors, large-cap investors, media, founders, and blockchain enthusiasts. These perspectives and experiences we come with are our valuable asset next to our highly trained and capable team of key difference makers.

The best way to learn more about us is not on this page but to ask around in the community and to OGs. Google about us and our verifiable history. We have been there, done that and now we can help you cross to the other side.