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Group 360
Barkat Singh - Founder

Mr KEY is an absolute pleasure to connect with and a great mentor / advisor to our young effort in bringing sustainable utility to blockchain projects. His value system and world view comes from vast experience in the domain. I look forward to us building lasing and meaningful impact through our collaborations to democratise green progress. Ushering a new era of community driven solutions.

Group 363
Sean Donato - Founder

Mr. Key is awesome. Very available, very helpful and professional. Gran him up if you can!

Group 364
Max Lisin, Co-founder

Mr.Key is undoubtedly an expert who evidently can commit to multiple projects. Even with the vaguest description of the situation, he already knew the next three steps that needed to be taken for the project to success.

Group 367
Arnold Kirimi, Cointelegraph

Mr. KEY is motivated, forward thinking and a very intelligent CEO with a ton of knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain business

Group 369
Sean Henderson, Head of Listings

Mr Key is a very bright and he is able to manage a plethora of tasks and still focus in on the individual to make sure everyone is taken care of and able to achieve their objectives.

Group 371
Lukas Schiefer, Co-founder

Its really great to work together with Mr. Key - very well connected and puts a lot of effort into his work. He knows what he is doing and preparing great stuff for marketing. It's really a pleasure to have him on our side. All his work is on point! Amazing journey so far and i am sure there is a lot of still coming up !

Group 290
Junji Uematsu, Project Manager

I feel very lucky to have known Mr. Key.
He is always very quick in his response in spite of the time difference we have and always acts quickly and also gives useful advices, which helps me a lot to learn how to market a cryptocurrency project.


Founded by Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant) in 2007, we have been marketing for Fortune 100s like CISCO, AJC, and the likes. In 2013, we entered the blockchain space while marketing for bitcoin-powered gaming companies. In 2017, we helped raise over $550m for various projects during the ICO spree and launched them. We incubated and marketed many top crypto news media, KOLs, exchanges, and crypto product brands. Check out our testimonials.

We are the largest and oldest marketing agency with 350+ members and 9+ years in the blockchain space and 15+ years in the marketing industry. We supported execution for many of the other top blockchain marketing agencies and PR agencies around the world.

In 2017, we established a large-cap fund Utopian Capital which diversified to startup investments in 2021. Looking at the lack of blockchain adoption, we founded Forward in 2018 which grew into one of the largest blockchain ecosystems.

Now, we incubate and advise companies that we believe will be unicorns or decacorns in 5 years.

We come from a background of incubators, marketers, early-stage investors, large-cap investors, media, founders, and blockchain enthusiasts. These perspectives and experiences we come with are our valuable asset next to our highly trained and capable team of key difference makers.

The best way to learn more about us is not on this page but to ask around in the community and to OGs. Google about us and our verifiable history. We have been there, done that and now we can help you cross to the other side.